Awareness Today Means Skilled Workers Tomorrow


For years students were told that the only way to a rewarding career was through a four-year degree. This trend resulted in a surplus of students graduating with high student loans and few job opportunities. 

As a whole 86% of Americans believe trades are important for economic prosperity, but only 1 in 3 parents would encourage their kids to work in a trade. 

By introducing students to your organization and career opportunities now, you can help students make a better informed decision on whether pursuing a trade is the right fit.


1. Ask about getting involved with career day and other career readiness programs. Windy River Elementary offers an After School Program that allows businesses to come in two days a week from 4-5 p.m. and offer hands-on lesson plans.

2. Build a path that gives each student a direction on getting from high school to your place of employment. Share which positions are in high demand and benefits to working at your organization. 

3. Showcase your business. If there are restrictions on visitors at your location, utilize videos, public speaking opportunities, and stay in direct contact with CTE teachers and career services staff. 

4. If you can offer a job shadow or internship, it gives students the opportunity to try out a position prior to accepting a full time job. Education is key to ensuring not only your organization is a good fit for the employee, but also the employee has the work experience and ethic needed to fulfill your expectations.

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